How to Choose a Web Hosting Provider


Shared hosting services  

Shared web hosting is when files for several websites are contained in a single and shared web server. This type of web hosting service is most suitable for people or an entry-level business that needs a minimum and low-cost hosting of their web sites but with a reliable internet connection. There are many businesses who offer virtual shared web hosting due to this various demand. They provide their customers an affordable way of outsourcing their internet services.   


In this type of hosting service, data centres that have extremely fast and large industrial sized internet connections are shared by the clients. This is the common start up and low-cost hosting service that is available to customers. The customers are allowed to host their web sites on a powerful internet connection at a minimum monthly cost. Shared web hosting is designed for small range e-business sites web pages. These clients are therefore provided with site availability, robust internet connectivity. This is commonly used by entry-level web service provider due to its reliability and low technical knowledge required. Shared web hosting is suitable for small-scale customers, for it provides services that are within their business needs. 


Consumers are usually gets attracted to shared web hosting due to its minimum cost. They prefer this type of web hosting for a minimum monthly charge. Aside from a minimal monthly charge, individuals and businesses choose this type of hosting for it requires less technical know-how and provide basic services that they need. Moreover, shared web hosting is popular for its convenience of use. Hence, getting the site active and setting up in shared web hosting usually takes only few minutes upon purchasing of an account. 


Shared web hosting services usually comes in a package. It offers a hosting solution in a minimum monthly charge. Packaged services would include a hard disk space in a minimum size for web pages, allowable bandwidth, auto-installing scripts, statistics, e-mail services, blog software, domain name, email related services with a separate email box and file transfer services. It also provides an access to the statistical view of the client's website status as per number of visits on the site. Moreover, a 365-day technical support is included in the bundle which is free of charge.   


Furthermore, shared web hosting allows clients to improve their website's functionality and reliability via access of executable folder to add and upload scripts and also provided with FTP server for anonymous file transfer of public access and daily website back up  


Shared web hosting is the most affordable and convenient web hosting solution for a minimum monthly cost.