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Web Design Tips  

If we would like to develop our company in World Wide Web, then it's necessary to create the most creative website, so people can visit our website and want to take the information about our services and products. It is said that the first impression is the last impression and your website is the first impression to your target prospective clients. The impression should be developed by your creative website in visitor's mind so it's essential to create more creative website for first impression on our client's mentality so they want to visit our site again. To design the most creative website, follow below tips.  


1.     About Pages: If you want to get the ideas of your visitors, then feedback is necessary. Contact us page is also advisable to start a relation among you and your clients. You must give your email address so visitor can contact you directly and you can give support completely. About us webpage must be included to provide the information about your company. The information can be year of establishment, your growth, and name of country from where you operate. Home page must be included with links to all the other Web Pages. All web pages must be given and the link to Home page.  

2.      Attractive: Your website should be attractive. The colour selection for the pages has to be looked nice. The colour of background has to be light and design has to be attracted by visitor first look.  

3.     Professional: Your website should be professional, in proper title pages. The content must be placed and unnecessary content must be avoided in a proper way. At first site, it should be able to show the visitor's interest for continuing your website. 

4.      Small size of Web Pages: Web Pages should also be good looking and creative as well. Web Pages must not be very comprehensive. Surfing of these types of websites will be simply avoided.  

5.      Text: Content is not an issue; issue is look of expressions in Web Pages. The background of the web page should be light and text should be dark, it will be impressive. To read the text easily, the background should not be dark. All the fonts of the Web Pages should be chosen properly which are easily available on every computer. In this case, visitors do not need to install new fonts in computer to read your text of your webpage. They can surf and read your site easily. 

6.      Capitalized Text: If you want to emphasize something, only then you should use capitalized text. Don't uses capitalize text in every sentence, it is hard to read. 

7.      Grammar: You should not be careless in text which is written in the webpage. You must not make any mistakes which may prove your ineffectiveness. Before finalising the text of your Web Pages, you must check it. Any grammatical mistakes must not be made. 

8.      Background Image: You should keep minimum background images. Generally, background images make your pages slow to load, harder to view and read. 

9.      Image Formats: Generally, designers are using two types of formats GIF and JPEG. Let's know the difference between both formats. 


GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. For different types of images, this format is better with only some different colours like drawing, black and white images and little content that will be little pixels high. It is also supporting transparency. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group. It supports 16 million colours which are the best suited for photographs and complex graphics. It does not work well on line drawings, lettering or simple graphics.  


10. Frames: When you are using frames in your website, it makes website ugly, confusing and more complicated.  


Thus, the expert web designing companies have the best skills to design and online marketing skill and know that how to develop a website that should be one of the most favourable advertising tools in the biggest market of the world.